Saturday, February 12, 2011

Oreo Truffles (Recipe Included)

These are one of my hubby's favorite cookies. I usually don't give too many of these away because he loves them so much. They are so very simple, but pretty tasty :)

I don't love making Christmas cookies that must be refrigerated. I feel like it complicates everything. You have all these cookies on a tray that do not need to be refrigerated plus a little pile of one kind that should be kept cold. It seems like everyone just lets them sit out, and then they go bad. As I mentioned earlier, I usually don't put too many Oreo truffles on each tray because Mike likes them so much. But the fact that they need to be refrigerated plays a large factor in why I tend to not put too many on each tray. I like to try to guarantee that they will be eaten quickly. These cookies are pretty rich, so I like to make them small. I use a very small cookie scoop, but you could even use a melon baller. These are so easy, you should definitely try them next holiday season :)

Oreo cookies were first developed in 1912 by Nabisco. They were developed to target the British market whose biscuits were viewed as too "ordinary" by Nabisco. Originally, they were rounded cookies that came in two flavors, lemon meringue and cream. The lemon meringue flavor was discontinued in the 1920s due to the popularity of the cream filling. The modern day Oreo was developed in 1952 by William A Turnier to include the Nabisco logo.

Oreo Truffles
1 box Oreos
1- 8oz block cream cheese
chocolate for dipping

Finely grind entire box of Oreos. Mix together with softened cream cheese. Form into balls. Dip each ball into melted chocolate of your choice. If they are too soft, you can chill before dipping them. I usually do some milk chocolate and some bittersweet.


  1. I love these!! Sooo good. Its also good if you use the mint oreos!! Yum! - Sara Monkelis

  2. Wow, that is a great idea! Thanks for sharing Sara!