Sunday, March 6, 2011


Scones are not one of my favorite things. I would never order one when I go out. To me, they are often dry. However, a little while back at playgroup, a friend of mine made REALLY delicious scones. I asked her for the recipe and tried them recently. My hubby LOVED them!

As I mentioned, one of the moms in my playgroup had made some exceptional scones a few months ago. I asked her for the recipe. It ended up being a generic scone recipe that you can alter any way that you like. The recipe is pretty simple to make. You mix up the dry ingredients and cut in the fat. Then you combine the wet ingredients and add it to the dry ingredients. You do this all by hand. No mixer involved. I believe that the recipe called for buttermilk, but my friend told me that she had used Kefir. I had never purchased Kefir before but bought it to try in this recipe. I bought the plain and ended up using it in my buttermilk waffle recipe too. It was a great, healthy alternative to buttermilk that made everything that I used it in extra tender. Anyway, the thing that made her scones so yummy was a combination of almond paste and my old favorite, Ghirardelli bittersweet chocolate chips. This combination was so delicious. And it can be used in many different applications like muffins, cakes, or even cookies.

Scones are small quick breads of Scottish origin. Originally, the scone was round and flat and about the size of a medium plate. It was made with oats and baked on a griddle, then cut into triangles before being served. When baking powder became available to the masses, scones began to be the oven baked, leavened items that we are familiar with today.

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