Monday, November 29, 2010

Apple Oat Bran Muffins

I made these yummy, but good for you muffins a few weeks ago at my parent's house. They were all gone when I went back to take a picture, so there are no pictures of them :(

I arrived at my parent's house one evening with dinner that I had made for the kids, my mom and myself. My dad was away and Mike was working late. When I got there, my mom had a recipe for apple oat bran muffins sitting out on the counter. Of course she chose to watch the kids when I gave her the choice to make the muffins or spend time with the kiddos. She had some old apples that she wanted to use. These muffins had very little sugar and fat in them, but the apples made them very moist and sweet. The oat bran added a little extra texture and made them more nutritious. These were a big hit and disappeared quickly. I will definitely make these muffins again. I would even buy fresh apples to make them!

Oat bran is the outer husk of the oat grain. The bran is often discarded during the milling process. The bran is what contains the bulk of the fiber and many minerals. When bran is left on a grain, it is marketed as "whole grain". You can buy different varieties of bran in your local mega mart. It is the perfect way to boost your intake of dietary fiber.

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