Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Mmmm, pancakes. Who doesn't like pancakes, right? Well, my hubby loves them. Before I was pregnant with V, I made them every Saturday. I made them recently, and they were enjoyed by all.

I really do not buy mixes for anything. It is so much healthier if you make things from scratch at home rather than buying it ready made. Pancakes are no exception. Homemade pancakes are easy and delicious. I even make my batter the night before and stash it in the chill chest so that it is ready to go in the morning. And, I know there are some recipes out there for a homemade mix. You mix together the dry ingredients, store it and just have to add the wet ingredients when you want pancakes. My husband loves chocolate chip pancakes, so I always throw some of my favorites (Ghirardelli bittersweet chips) in his while they are cooking. I don't mix them in because I prefer plain pancakes. But you could add anything from blueberries to bananas, or even walnuts. If you add these things while they are cooking on the stove or in smaller batches, everyone can have their pancakes just how they like them. Someone even gave me a tip for blueberries. She uses dried blueberries and soaks them in water first. It is just like having fresh blueberries in your pancakes year round!!!

There is archeological evidence that suggests that pancakes were the earliest and most widespread form of cereal food eaten in prehistoric societies. Dry carbohydrate-rich seed flours were mixed with available liquids that were rich in protein, such as milk and eggs. They were most likely baked on hot stones or in earthenware pots over open fire. This was a very nutritious food for that time.

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  1. I like chocolate chips in anything! Except for my butt.