Friday, July 29, 2011

Red Velvet Cake with White Chocolate Curls

I had an order for a red velvet cake. He wanted something really special for his dad's birthday, so he ordered a red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting and white chocolate curls. Sounds delish!

I love when someone orders something from me that is different from the typical things that I make. Trust me, I love baking everything, but generally I am baking white or chocolate cake and one of my buttercream icings. It is nice to make some different things sometimes! I baked my red velvet cake when my kids were napping/resting during the day. I figured I would do the icing and chocolate curls after the kids were in bed for the night. Turned out that we had a storm and lost our power. So, I had to wait until almost 11 to start. Thank goodness I had already baked the cake! While the white chocolate was setting up, I made the icing and iced the cake. It looked pretty, and I definitely wanted to eat it! I think next time I need to make a cake for a special occasion, I will make this!

As you have probably heard, white chocolate is by definition not actually chocolate because it does not contain cocoa solids. Dark colored solids of the cacao bean are separated from the fatty content during the production of chocolate. With milk, semi-sweet, and dark chocolates, these two items are later recombined. With white chocolate, they are not. In the US, white chocolate must contain at least 20% cocoa butter, 14% total milk solids, and 3.5% milkfat, and not more than 55% sugar or other sweeteners.

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